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Flavius Cristian Trica

Flavius Cristian Trica

Designer, with a couture ATTITUDE

About my work, I consider myself different so I like my work to be different, to add something special to it. I'm just a creative mind with to much self respect and a couture attitude. I have a big passion for design and I love working on it, it's what matters the most. In 2017 my creativity mixed up with my passion for fashion and for my biggest desire of seeing people wearing proudly my creations, I started my own fashion brand, Mstar Clothing & Acc.. Everything that I design at Mstar is a part of me and you can learn way more about me from my creations rather than what I can tell you on this page.
Until 24 I was a boy, now I am a designer.

Other hobbies: football & "starboying"

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What I do

is creative
is different
is original
is in details
one more thing...

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